The Headless Project is an interdisciplinary art project that investigates the boundaries between subject and object. The project currently consists of a performance and a photo series.

THE photo series

Photo: Sara Angelica Spilling​

Styling: Juliette Aleksine Piiksi

Model: Ida Frømyr Borgen



The performance Sart ansikt/hodeløs kropp (Gentle Face/Headless Body) is created for a white room, and is a mixture of solo dance, video projection and recorded sound. The images projected show objects that can be conceived as human through pareidoli - a psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in inanimate objects. Simultaneously the dancers body becomes inhuman by moving in ways where the head is concealed. 

Concept/choreography/dance: Ida Frømyr Borgen

Projection: Anna Leijonhielm

Music: Sigurd Ytre-Arne

Artistic guidance: Kunstgress

Photo documentation: Sara Angelica Spilling

Video documentation: Elin Osjord

Premiered at Rom for Dans in Oslo May 19th 2017

Supported by Arts Council Norway, The Audio and Visual Fund and FFUK.